Montag, 8. Februar 2016

Neuer Song "The Creation"

Nun auch endlich im Set mit einem Aggro-Text!

"The Creation"


Mankind's evolution, the process is incomplete, operation failed, the creation
Nature's atavism breeds creature's savaged minds, replicated faults, final demise
Grace of modern life creates manipulated souls, disillusive truth, the creation
Indignity of life and injustice rules the earth, humanity dissolves, final demise

Ready for gore
Hear the desperate cries and look into those eyes
Hopeless and forgotten
They must pay the prize, for us, their future dies

Ready for gore
Live your brainless way, believe what they will pray
Reckless, malicious
But we´re going on, enjoy this blessed aeon

Pain and aggression, disfigured corpses, theatre of war, the creation
Nation against nation, clan against clan, war against terror, final demise
Blood on our hand, blood to the world's end, still feel innocent, the creation
Torture remains, brutality remains, back to barbarism, final demise